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Memory Foam Warehouse

An absolute joke!

We ordered a king size bed and separate memory foam mattress before christmas. We didn't get our delivery until after christmas initially due to the seasonal period & the courier company being un-contactable about changing the delivery date from christmas eve.

When the delivery arrived, we had been sent the wrong bed (a double not a king size) and no mattress. I did not realise this until I had opened the box and realised the bed they had sent was too small. This closer inspection also revealed that the bed was damaged and the wood frame of the headboard was split.

I called the company to say that they had sent us the wrong bed and that the bed they had sent was also damaged. They apologised, although didn't understand what had happened and informed me I had two orders with them on their system? Which was completely wrong as I had only placed one. They said they would arrange delivery of the correct bed and pick-up of the incorrect damaged one.
A couple of days later we received a delivery of the mattress that we had ordered with the bed. This was the correct size. But no bed.

Roughly another week later (getting on for 3-4 weeks after the order was placed now) we received box 1 of 3 for the correct sized bed. But the courier informed us he knew nothing about the orders & just had the one box to deliver, and that he wasn't scheduled to do any pickups either. 6 hours later, another courier arrived and delivered the remaining two boxes of the correct bed, but also said he was not scheduled to pick anything up. So we now had 7 large boxes filling up our (very small) flat.

Since this delivery, we have had two scheduled pickup's arranged for the spare bed to be collected, which no courier has shown up for. And a third (from the company themselves) where a driver called me to say he that he allegedly tried the doorbell at 8am but got no answer (even though we were in at 8am that morning!).

I have since stopped chasing the company because they do not seem to care about this extra bed that we still have in our flat. Or the fact that my partner & I lost 2 days worth of earnings between us waiting for pickups that would take place 'sometime between 8am and 6pm' but never did.

I am now at the point where nearly 3 months have gone by and I am no longer able to store the boxes in my flat any longer. I have a good mind to invoice them for lost earnings & storage of their stock.

Overall, I would say that I am extremely unhappy with the service and the company's ability (or desire) to correct it's mistakes - which is a shame because the actual product itself (when you eventually get the correct one) is not that bad. I shall not be using them again or recommending them to any friends. Ever.

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