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As my girlfriend and I are apart On Valentines this year. We wanted to postpone Valentines until she was back home. However, as she is down about being away from home because of work I thought I'd surprise her with roses On Valentines to cheer her up.
The flowers had not been received by her and to make matters worse she had secretly sent me a Valentines gift. So she assumes now that I have got her nothing for Valentines.
Overall, I'm completely humiliated as I sent them to her work place and she is off for the weekend after Valentines evening.

Just got a text from my Girlfriends friend telling me that the flowers have come, the flowers are wilted and dying (I was sent a photo). But my girlfriend is in a different city now anyway. I'm glad she is 200 miles away so she wouldn't be humiliated when opening these in front of all her friends.

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