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waterproof rug not waterproof

Bought a high viz exercise sheet, which was supposed to be waterproof but wasn't

Company asked me to return it - had been bought via a third party - so I sent it back - they then said they couldn't deal with it as it was dirty - they didn't ask me to launder it and I expressly said it wasn't washed.

they then took nearly a month to return it to me, so I paid £6.00 to send it back to them for nothing to happen.

The equisafety flashing light neck band failed within 3 months, and the equisafety tail guard wouldn't stay on and fell off and was lost within 1 week of purchase.

After sales service is not great.


Advertising Standards Authority Adjudication on Shipley

I complained about them with holding my deposit - my complaint was up held - see below

The ASA understood that customers were required to pay a deposit when they accepted a quote and this was a percentage of the cost of the service. We noted that information about the deposit was set out in the User Agreement and that there was a link to this document in small print at the bottom of the home page. We also understood that if the transport provider cancelled the service for any reason after the quote had been accepted by a customer, the deposit would be credited to the customer's Shiply account and could be used against another booking during the next six months, after which time it would expire. This information was also in the User Agreement. We understood that customers were required to indicate they had read and accepted the terms and conditions as set out in the User Agreement both at the point they listed a delivery request on the website and at the point of accepting a quote from a transport provider.

We considered the changes Shiply offered to make to their website but determined they were insufficient to resolve the complaint. We considered that the credit policy that applied to cancellations was a significant condition which needed to be made clear using prominent text on the home page because it was likely to affect a customer's decision to use the service. Because the home page did not contain that information, we considered it was misleading by omission.

The home page breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 and 3.3 (Misleading advertising), 3.9 and 3.10 (Qualification).


The home page must not appear again in its current form. We told Shiply to amend their home page so that the credit policy applied to cancellations is made clear using prominent text.


Very disappointed

Had hoped for great things, a proper fitting.

They don't measure you, just estimate. Most of the bras I tried on utterly killed me, so tight, digging in, really uncomfortable. They are fitted onto the first hook of the bra, so no way of easing them off. I think they were about a size too small, the cups were ok but so tight across the back.

I bought the ones that were best but ended up having to return them as they were so painful to wear.

So I still have no bras!

Transglobal Express

Flaws in website

Enable you to book a Southern Ireland address on a Northern Ireland service - first you know of it you get a bill for X2 the original cost (plus you have paid that already).

Website should be robust enough to find errors like this and not let you continue. My tiny parcel cost a fortune to send as a result and company just told me to pay or else. Other websites I use would flag it up as an incorrect address, and would not accept the booking. This one enables this to happen and then you incur additional costs.

So be careful that your bookings are very accurate.

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arrived quickly

two items ordered, arrived very fast. this is only time we have used them.

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