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Total Disappointment

I ordered a shoulder support strap - large size - having measured the girth of my arm. The first one arrived the next morning and did fit my shoulder correctly although it was rather tight around my biceps and its strap was too short to reach around my body to be secured. I rang the company and asked if I could post it back and get a larger one. I was told to send it back and that my payment would be refunded in due course and that I should reorder. So I ordered the next size up - extra large - which arrived the next day. It didn't really fit my shoulder as it was too slack and the strap was only just long enough to reach around my body. I tried wearing it overnight but had to abandon it after an hour as the strap was so uncomfortable. Next morning I realised that by wearing it I had creased it so I decided not to bother trying to send it back which would mean a second trip to queue in the post office to make a recorded delivery and another £3.65 down the drain. I have abandoned trying to get a second refund. The shoulder strap is not carefully enough designed to allow for any adjustment around the arm and the strap length is too short. It is unwearable. I should have listened to my physiotherapist in the first place whose opinion was that it would be a waste of time.

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