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I work long hours with a long commute which is a choice I make to keep a roof over my head. I commute by public transport and have no car. Because of my dislike of shopping and lack of car I order on line. This means that I can normally dictate when I collect from the post office which is open out of hours twice a week.
Ordering from a new company I failed to notice who were their delivery company and I have previously read bad reviews of Yodel so would have avoided if known.
Arriving home I picked up a Yodel 'I missed you card'. I was slightly disappointed that yodel were delivering my parcel but optimistic that a card had been left as this was contrary to reviews I had seen. I patiently waited for the three times delivery to be attempted which surly happened.
Then the fun started.
I logged on line to arrange for a friend to collect the parcel from the middle of an industrial estate in working hours. A place I would have to go to some expense to access and would require a day off work too.
On line it gave an option for me to specific my friend to collect and all they would need is photo I.d of themselves as well as the delivery card. Easy isn't it??
He arrived with photo I.d for both of us. ( he collects my things often so we are always prepared) and the card. Apparantly that is not enough. He needed to have evidence that we live together too!!! That is kinda tricky as we don't live together and this particular nugget isn't on their website either.
Of course the phone numbers don't have people on to contact and the website is useless.
My parcel is AWOL. I have contacted the sender and told them to retrieve their parcel and refund their money explaining that if I was able and willing to get to out of the way places in working hours to buy things I wouldn't be paying delivery costs for their goods.
Fingers crossed I retrieve something out of this debacle as the food stuffs will be spoilt long before I get to enjoy them.

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Kim Michelle
Gateshead, United Kingdom