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It all worked out in the end

Well it started well with a good price offered for a powerful Strimmer. Then due to poor packing the plastic assembly around the engine was found to be broken. A phone call and a courteous voice the other end resulted in me sending a picture of the damage. This resulted in the necessary spares being provided the next day. Problem solved customer happy. Courteous voice thank you.

Protect your bubble

Bubble is a lot smarter than you think

Look most house contents cover will not support protecting your mobile,if it does it will be an extra.Then you have the problem of an excess in my case for no particular claim reason it is set high too high when dealing with a mobile phone. It would appear although it has yet to be tested that Bubble has a lot of experience and knowledge of a huge range of phones and the faults likely to occur and what manufacurers don't cover yes don't cover like liquid on the board, whatever that is. So providing your phone is new or under a year old then go for it I think its a safe bet ok.

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