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Actually too cheap for that good service

I have flown with Easyjet about 10 times or more and I never had any problem with anything. Their service is always at its best and the personal has always been totally funny and nice. You get information on the flight directly from the captain


No good customer service from web page over booking to change booking

1) The site is not properly translated to the different languages (in this case it was Swedish mixed with Danish and English.
2) The link for opening an account did not work so I contacted the customer service in Swedish and said that I cannot login to see my booking. They wrote me back to my account (which I still could not open) that I please shall write again in another language (-> have you ever heard of Google Translate?). I came in by "changing my password" in the end.
3) I wrote the mail in German again. No answer yet.
4) Due to a rescheduled flight I had to change our booking so I logged in and started changing it online. It did not work because the kind of room we booked was not available for choosing/marking.
5) So I wrote a mail to them on Feb 1 again. I did not get any answer on this until today, the 20/02. Then I wrote again on Feb 7. Still no answer.
6) Since I did not get any answer until a certain point of time I contacted the hostel instead and got an answer within less than 2 HOURS. They of course could change our booking.
7) When I now after 3 weeks finally got my answer they just tell me I shall contact the hostel directly and I could change my booking online as well. Now I wonder if they even read what people write.

All in all I must say it was suspicious from the beginning and it went on. So my rate is 1 star and I will in future let me inspire by them but always contact hostels directly instead.


Flight rescheduled, no discount - not customer friendly

Our flight was rescheduled (one day later than booked) and we did not get any discount. We would have loved to just fly back one day later also - if there had been a flight that day. So we were robbed one day from our little weekend trip without any compensation. And calling their customer service seems to be very expensive. There are a few things more that I do not like with the page and the service but that would be too much. PS: I haven't even been really flying with them yet. So we will see how many more problems will appear. I am very disappointed until now.

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