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A rewarding experience with the real deal

Coming into this at what you might call a more advanced level, I was somewhat scpetical in the days leading up to my session with Steve about what he could really teach me. My scepticism could not have been more misplaced.

Over the course of the afternoon as we walked around the city centre, merely being around Steve and witnessing how he holds himself, his level of masculine social dominance, and how he interacts with girls, no matter how hot, was an instruction in itself.

I've always aspired to be able to get the very top tier of women, the 9.5s, models and hosiptality girls. Up until yesterday however, I'd never met anyone in my life who was actually capable of doing this, using a methodical, replicable system which any guy can learn. Simply meeting someone who I knew could turn this kind of attraction on at will provided a reference point in my life to know that what I aspired to could in fact be acheived, and moreover than I wasn't even that far away from it.

During the course of our session, Steve shrewdly identified a deep-seated psychological sticking point that was holding me back. I'm a very intelligent guy who has his life together, and my belief system is rock-solid - for these reasons, I genuinely don't believe there was anyone other than Steve, who is also an extremely intelligent dude, with all his experience, who could have identified and diagnosed my problem.

I've come away from the session with a new-found optimism and distinct actionable points to work on.

If any of you are reading these testimonials, weighing up a decision as to whether to go ahead and book training with Steve, then I urge you to go ahead and do it. It will be nothing but a positive experience, and accelerate your development as a person and your ability with women greatly.

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