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I can do it in one word: "useless"

Called to find out where my headphones were as they had been dispatched 4 days ago.
you are in camden - I am in shoreditch.

Me: "hi i ordered blah blah can you let me know when they will arrive"?
Them: "oh yeah don't know, they left on monday"
Me "ok where are you based"?
Them "Camden"
Me: "oh ok well I am in shoreditch how can they take so long, what kind of mail was it?"
Them: " first class royal mail"
Me: "oh! well they should come next day then really? not so far"
Them: " yeah well thats royal mail isnt it, can take 1 day can take 4 days can take 10 days. its not guaranteed"
Me: "right, umm is there a tracking number so we can find out where they might be"
Them "nah"
Me: "umm okay, well umm thanks I guess, bye"
Them " Bye." dial tone.

Just shifted the blame. no attempt to help me or make me feel in anyway comfortable.


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