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Excellent service - have used them twice already!

I have used Dragonspecs twice already and their service/quality has been spotless. Bought my first pair of glasses a couple of years ago and contacted them again this year as I couldn't find my old order details. Dragonspecs got back to me within 2 days and once I sent in my old glasses for reglazing (which they normally don't do, but very kindly did it for me on this occasion), I got my glasses back within a week and was kept updated by Alex from Dragonspecs at all times. I haved used several other websites and opticians before I used Dragonspecs and have to say that Dragonspecs has been outstanding in responding to queries than any of the other websites/opticians plus you pay a fraction of what you would normally pay if you place the same order with one of the major high street opticians. Would definitely recommend them!


Very appaling service

My boyfriend ordered flowers on the 12th to arrive on the 14th February as a surprise for me and considering the fact the office is normally open from 8.30am to 5.30pm, you would think the flowers would be delivered within that time. In fact the flowers didn't arrive by the time I left at 5.30pm resulting in my boyfriend having to leave work early, rush to the shops to spend another £50 on roses, chocolates and a vase so I wouldn't be left without anything.

The flowers turned up at the office at 6pm and it was only by pure LUCK someone was still in my office to sign for them, but considering I'm on holiday now till the 25th of February (!!!!), I find it astonishing that my boyfriend was told all he would get refunded was the delivery charge of about £2.50!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, someone in the office signed for them, but it was delivered AFTER I left and the colleague, who signed for the order, didn't know I'm on holiday with the 25th February otherwise she would have STRAIGHT AWAY rejected the order. You would think it's not unreasonable to deliver flowers to an OFFICE address within normal working hours, not AFTER 5.30pm. My poor boyfriend spent considerable time and money yesterday not being able to get through to iflorist and eventually spending more money buying me new flowers.

I won't be able to enjoy these flowers as they will be DEAD by the time I return to the office and to top everything off, my colleague (who i asked to open the box this morning) has emailed me to tell me the flowers are of POOR QUALITY and already started to wilt!

My boyfriend was told that as the delivery arrived on the day requested, he would only get a refund of the delivery charge (I don't agree with iflorist that delivery at 6pm to an office address when the office normally shuts at 5.30pm counts at SUCCESSFUL delivery as it was rather luck that anyone was still in the office, never mind I, THE RECIPIENT, didn't even get the iflorist flowers and won't get to enjoy them till the 25th of February when they are completely dead).

My boyfriend spent about 31£ on the iflorist delivery, which I can't enjoy and went all the way out to spent more money to ensure I wouldn't be left completely disapppointed on our first Valentine's day together. To only refund the delivery charge in light of what happened is despicable.

I would strongly advise people not to order from this company!

My boyfriend deserves more than the refund of £2.50 for the inconvenience, quality of the roses and service provided. Please arrange for adequate compensation.

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