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First Furniture

Horrendous, seems fine until it goes wrong, then it's a NIGHTMARE!

Absolute nightmare.

Ordering was simple and straight forward, however that was the only part of the process that was!

1. Paid £35 for Saturday delivery. First Furniture did not pay this money to the courier company who as a result tried to deliver it to us the Tuesday before it was due (no good we work 9-5.30 mon-fri). The couriers then rang me everyday until they could deliver it, turns out they don't offer Saturday deliver, First Furniture were very little help, denying any problem and I worked it out with the courier in the end.
2. It arrived VERY damaged. Probably no surprise - I think it had been in a van for 5 days.
3. When informing First Furniture I was told no one could deal with it yet, when I rang back no one could find the person dealing with my case, passed from pillar to post.
4. Arranging pick up of the damaged bed was a nightmare, FF refused to collect Saturday, Sunday, I offered my lunch hour or a pick up within a certain time frame (a few hours) - also refused. I don't have a safe place for collection and on moving to a new area don't know anyone who I can ask to wait in for my collection - FF didn't really grasp this. Had to take a days holiday.
5. I was assured FF would call me with the delivery schedule - they didn't. No surprise there, they NEVER call you back and I've spoke to them up to 20 times since Jan. When I did get through they still refused to help.
6. I rang to confirm they were processed the refund and was assured twice it has been processed (waiting two days each time for it to clear). Surprise surprise it hadn't been processed.
7. Third time trying for refund. I was angry by this point, and had some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced. When informing them that I had been assured the refund was being processed, [Name], said 'I didn't tell you that'. I had told her I meant First Furniture, her response 'well it wasn't me'. She refused to find me the person dealing with my refund, a manager or supervisor.

So I was left talking to Sarah who repeated 'well wasn't me/I didn't do it' missing the point that she works for First Furniture....

My refund was eventually processed.

I then bought a bed from a local company, good quality, great, friendly, honest service for just £30 more. I wish I had never bought anything with First Furniture and it has put me off on line retailers the experience was so poor.

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