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Great shoes, super cheap price

I just ordered a pair of black classic platform pumps and I am really pleased. I can't believe I got it at this price. However, I think the order processing time could be done a little bit quicker. Shipping is as accurate as the tracking info stated. Will definitely consider this website for future purchases.


Great website, In location store return policy non existent

I ordered fabric which turned out to be not what I expected. I wanted to return it. Since they have stores in every state, I assumed that I could return at the store, not reading the return policy that they do not allow store returns and that online orders has to be shipped back which is such a bummer because I did not want to lose on return shipping after I considered my purchase a loss.

I did end up keeping the fabric and have it sitting somewhere until I find an "aha" moment project suitable for it.

I gave it 3 stars because they don't allow store returns.


My fabric go to store

I love shopping for fabrics here. Their deals beat Joann's in a heartbeat and the price (fabric+shipping) altogether can't be beat. I have browsed their extensive fabric collection and have discovered fabrics I have never tried before suitable for dresses. I have always been impressed with the quality of the newly discovered fabrics.

I love their percentage coupons applicable on every order. I believe their warehouse is in Georgia which is only 1 state away from where I am so my order gets to me quicker.


Trendy items, great price

I just recently made a purchase at gojane. I have been looking around for a pair of pumps from a few months ago. I gave up on looking and I don't know exactly how I stumbled upon gojane but I did and they carried the very shoes I was looking for in my size, yay! so I ordered straight away.

The order processing time was a bit slow for me but the item arrived via USPS which I prefer rather than UPS which in my opinion takes a lot longer.

Their shipping charges are very reasonable compared to other sites out there for a pair of shoes. What's great also is that they have percentage coupons you can use for every order.

Will definitely shop here again.


Cute affordable fashion forward clothing

I have ordered from this website for years. I have really no complaints about the quality since I understand that we always get what we pay for.

I give this store 3 stars because I ordered 2 turtleneck sweaters from them less than a month ago and the hang tag on it says 21 but the tag attached on the turtleneck itself was "Active Basic" not Forever21.

I understand that this company buys wholesale and changes the tags to their own company but they failed to do it on my order. It makes me think I ordered from another store.

I think it is quite a mishap on their part. If they are trying to sell their brand, they should make sure to change the apparel tag to their own instead of leaving the tag of a wholesale shirt which can be bought for less than 5 bucks a piece.

Lastly, I wish they issued refunds rather than store credit on store returns.


Great website for great deals

I have ordered countless times from amazon and have always been pleased with the quality and the manner of timely delivery for the items. The reason why I give amazon only 4 stars is because their prices fluctuate a lot.

I ordered a handbag from amazon and within a week, the price dropped 10 dollars less than what I paid for. I know I have already gotten such a great deal but the price fluctuation made me think I was being cheated.

They should have within their policy of price adjustment especially when the price drops within the week of being ordered.

Other than that, Amazon is great and it is one of the stores I frequently shop from.

They also have free returns on clothing and other select accessories which makes it such a great place to shop from.


I just love their flat rate shipping!

I have purchased from overstock.com countless times from clothing to luggage to electronics.

I absolutely love their mainly 2.95 shipping and YES! sometimes $1.00 shipping!

Returning items are pretty hassle free and I get my refund right away. I always try to pay using paypal to avoid long refund procedures when using a debit card (as a credit card).

Definitely a pioneer in online sales like Amazon. If you have not ordered from overstock yet, I must say you are highly missing out!


Nice shoes

I have ordered several times from this website with no problems at all. The shoes are cute and priced just right but recently, they have changed the website drastically covering a lot more fetish items which makes me rethink and makes me like this website less and less.

They still carry some cute items on occasion and I have recently just bought a pair of shoes from them which arrived on a very timely manner. It's also great that they always have coupons you could use on the order.


Nothing but Praises for CBD

I have bought countless times from CBD and have yet to encounter a less than pleasing experience.

The pricing is unbelievably cheap and the quality is superb which I am sure everybody already knows. My husband is absolutely addicted to this website and goes to CBD for all his Bible version needs.

One particular purchase I was very impressed with was an NCV Pocket bible. The bible is extremely attractive and with the quality you can never expect for <5 dollar purchase.

This store is truly heaven sent and will always consider ordering from there for my spiritual literature needs.


Thanks asos for a great international experience

I was looking for a cute camel coat and lo and behold found one at Asos.com.

I was a bit wary in ordering since the company is UK based and I am in the US and I was concerned that I would have to pay some kind of duty to the customs. This order was placed way before asos launched asos US.

My desire for the coat was more than my concern for the customs duty which by the way I didn't have to deal with and I am glad I ordered the coat. It is absolutely fashion forward and I just love it.

It arrived in a timely manner within the time frame of the website from UK to US so I was quite happy.

I will definitely consider asos for future purchases.


Customer service could use a lot of work. ALWAYS USE PAYPAL!!!


My first order was problem free. However, the second time I ordered, I was shipped the wrong item. Contacted the customer service which was and is almost impossible to get through. Expect almost 20 minutes of holding time before your call is answered, and to top it all off, they have a 3 minute time frame which will automatically drop your call, so you will have to redial and hold again for close to 20 minutes for the next rep. Have more patience in redialing though because you will about 80% of the time get a recording which says "Circuits are busy" which only adds to one's frustration. This is very nerve wracking especially if you are trying to voice your frustration to the CS rep for being sent the wrong item.

Amidst the misfortune and having to deal with returning an item, I ordered a replacement (my third order) and it came in a timely manner. Of course it sucks having to pay the second time for the item you originally ordered and also having to deal with concerns that I will get the wrong item again.

Processing refunds for returned items took longer than as the website stated and I used paypal. I was entitled to a refund since the error was not caused by me.

If you have free time in your hands, wait patiently and get ahold of a customer service rep. The one that helped me was named "Michelle". Thank God for her.

They do have cute items and this company is legit. However, they need to do something drastic about their customer service.

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