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Worst online retailer I've ever encountered - do no trust these charlatans

Pros - good prices
Cons -
* Website listed items as 'in stock' which were not in stock, after eventually being told items were not in stock, website still showed items as being in stock
* Delivery times much later than quoted estimate
* Delivered items did not match the packing slip (item missing)
* Have to answer a ridiculous set of 'security' questions every time you call 'Customer Support' e.g. enter order number on phone only to have the first question from a person being 'what is your order number?' followed by being asked your name, address, email address, phone number, granny's middle name, etc ...
* Default response from 'Customer Support' is 'you will get your item today/tomorrow', rather than something that might actually be true or useful
* Promised callbacks from company (mostly) do not happen
* Problem escalation process - a joke - simply a canned 'We are sorry you are having a problem...' email as response.
* The refunds policy is *15 working days* before making refund - why should they be getting interest on my money for the best part of a month for something they haven't / couldn't provide
Companies business model is even worse than I'd first thought:
* They didn't pay refund within 15 working days as promised (even though website stated refunds processed within 2 days)
* Told me that T&Cs stated 30 days as per distance selling regulations
* 30 days - still no refund - told to wait for 3-5 days for bank clearing
* Still no refund - told that 30 days period started from cancellation, not from purchase
* Another wait - no refund - told to wait for bank clearing
* Several more delays and phone calls - finally get a refund - only to find out it was not for full amount
* Yet another round of phone calls and delays before I get full refund.

WAE+ business model seems to be:
* Sell some thing you don't have in stock or expect to be able to fulfil within promised delivery dates.
* Keep hold of customers money for as long as legally allowed
* Keep money for a bit longer
* Keep money for a bit longer still

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