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Dont even deserve one star

due to upgrade my phone checked online and they could only offer me the upgrade option for the phone at a cost of £49 and £34 month contract. (Currently on £26 for the same plan) so I called up and asked to cancel as I could get a better deal elsewhere.

then he spoke to me about deals telling me the only deal was for new customers? (when I clicked upgrade now??) then he told me the better offer was the same phone for free but paying £39 a month? when I said no I cant afford that each month and told him another company had the phone for £150 upfront and £26 he told me their deal was better as it was cheaper....Not each month I tried to say but he constantly talked over me on the phone.

each time I asked to cancel my contract he pretended he couldn't hear me then could suddenly hear me when I said I would take the deal......only for me to raise my voice and cancel my contract after 33 minutes on the phone being talked over and not listened to.

I am more than happy to move network and pay more for the phone if it means paying less on the contract each month is what I was trying to say but I wasn't able to speak over him.

Would have happily stayed on three if they could have offered me the phone at a higher upfront cost and keep my plan the same o well another customer lost through bad customer service.

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