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Unreliable, terrible customer service.

These flowers were ordered on the 10 Feb 2013, for delivery Valentines, for my fiancée in the Philippines. I am serving in Afghanistan, contributing to the war effort here but instead of concentrating on my duties, I was instead consoling a distraught fiancée, who was in tears because she had not received her flowers. As my duties keeps us apart most of the year this gesture maybe meant more to her than most couples who see each other daily and I had then run out of words to comfort her.

I even had an online chat with an advisor who did advise he could guarantee delivery on the 14th so I asked for them earlier rather than later, he gave me the dates between the 11th and 14th for delivery, a 4 day window to deliver the flowers.

Nothing arrived on the days leading up to the 14th so I assumed they would be delivered on the 14th, my fiancée kept calling me saying they hadn’t arrived and I kept telling her to be patient, they will be here… It came to 2200, Filipino time and she gave up any hope of receiving her flowers, and my fiancée was distraught to say the least.

After numerous emails and attempts to call iflorist I finally received a reply to one of the emails, the opening line said “Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced.” I was quite amazed that iflorist see it as an ‘inconvenience’ and it ‘may’ have been caused… This must have meant that if my fiancée received the flowers it "may" have been a "convenience". If this is their ethos or if this is the emotion they think receiving flowers brings, maybe they should rethink the business they are in...

It said, “due to technical difficulties your order could not get it delivered” (excellent grammar…), I am now waiting for my refund, I just wished I had read the reviews first, maybe somebody will read this and not go through the same pain we did.

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