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not trustworthy in every way...

Just at the moment when I got an order of about $ 2000 I had put my hope on, eCrater suddenly interfered on my site. First they cleared the shippingmatrix which I had so painstakingly filled in...all my work gone....! When I wanted to got hold of them to question about this...there was no reply. Instead soon afterwards, I found I could not even log into the shop (tstore shoptube.ecrater.com), nor into the admin panel, it was blocked!
Now until this very day, no reason whatever is being given why this all had happened. But there is more to it.
I happen to live together with a relative in the same house. Nevertheless we use different pc's and are not acquainted with each other's doings. Little did I know until recently, that she was also having an eCraterstore (vifdfashion) for quite a while. She's a perfectionist and artistic in all her works, and when she does, she gives all of her heart. as she did in setting up her store. She had put a lot of effort in and I believe there were even articles listed, that were of her own intellectual make.
When she was all in tears and near to a nervous breakdown, she complained to me about eCrater, how her trust which she had put in this enterprise had been so betrayed, she was deeply hurt
So, eCrater.... why are you such a bunch of assholes? First you invite people to make a shop, give them a lot of bullshit and hardtime like with the shippingmatrix, supplying no or no adequate explanation on the use of your site...,and then just strip them off when money begins to roll in? I do believe it's not any hacker, but you yourself who's taking shops out of the air, using your harsh rules.
Because that's what had happened with her...she began to earn with the shop (just like I did!) No accidental circumstance, just a villain's action.... No wonder there are so many negative reactions on your site...you don't come up to what you promised us. First you say we can trust you, than you betray us...without giving us any reason whatever. The world must know, which people are the real criminals.
You make believe as if our sites are hacked, but you've done this yourselves.....going down on what? You've not even given a reason, not a sound... I bet the money from the orders standing, you've by now put in your own pocket.....Your 'disciplinary rules' are not disciplinary if you don't communicate about it on a personal level. Never heard about ethics..or some lenience? Why can't a husband help his wife with her shop? Because if for any reason that's basically what happened in the case of my relative. And yes she made some mistake mistyping her emailaddress.... but why so harsh, so....soulless, so non-communicative?
People who are thinking of setting up a store with eCrater, watch out......! I can only talk out of my own experience....but I do believe there are people behind eCrater who have set their eyes on your profits, watching like vultures. it's not about your gain, you are being used... Ok, and if it's not the people, than it's the system..., systems are still made by the brains behind it....
So, work your shop till it shines, many customers come to buy from...But beware, while you have put so much energy, emotions and hardship in it. All done with the best of your intentions in all honesty. To find out that they are most unfriendly and even intimidative when asking for help. Finally to be shot down by 'suddenly-mr-anonymous-with-your-bs-rules'.....
Ok anyone, go ahead sign in maybe you will experience what I mean.....But I personally agree with so many gone before me: where has honesty gone....? There still are people who are honest and sincere in their intentions! And what about the people who did buy and are waiting for their products....don't they in the end also become victims of your attitude?
The eCrater policy should be reviewed. It cannot be compared with eBay or Amazone....because what stands behind is soooooo evil...., so not trustworthy!

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