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Sign up for 3 months delivery & spend 3 months chasing your orders!

We have used Tesco home delivery pretty much since it started & things always worked OK.
However after signing up for their 3 month delivery plan,something we only did as we received a letter from Tesco saying they couldn't guarantee a Xmas delivery if we didn't, the service has gone down hill at an alarming rate.
On numerous occasions our order has been late & when it hasn't its because basically it just doesn't turn up at all!.
The number of times we have had to telephone their customer service line has been so frequent that we now have them on speeddial.
Sometimes we are lucky enough to get a sympathetic voice on the other end & we have been allocated some vouchers giving us money off our next shop,but equally we get staff who quite honestly sound as though they couldn't give a damn wether we eat that week or not !.
As for the manager/s of our local store,Roborough in Plymouth they are just soo unhelpful it really isn't worth contacting them in the first place.
As we are now waiting for our final order in the 3 month plan (which I really hope arrives today) we are also discussing which alternative superstore we will be spending our hard earned cash with in future.

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