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Having had 2 bowel cancer operations last year I was expecting insurance problems and was pleased to get cover for USA medical expenses.

Can I start by saying that I cannot judge the quality of this insurance as I have not (fortunately) had to claim. I have just returned from a 19 day trip to USA and did not have cause to use any of the services provided by the insurance.

I had never heard of All Clear, but did feel reasonably confident in accepting their offer as they were mentioned by Saga and I had heard of the insurance company that is backing them - it could have been made an easier exercise to find out who that is by printing the information more prominently.

In reading the policy wording I did get the feeling that claims handling could be a rather nit picking experience looking for a reason not to pay, but I do accept that wordings have to be tight to avoid fraud. I would hope that this impression would be dispelled if I had actually had to phone and make a claim. Over the years i have made claims with Saga and Marks & Spencer and once I had given them the documents required they paid without further question.

The online medical declaration for my wife and I was straight forward and the policy issue was good.

I was concerned about a term that was not defined in the policy "treatment" and the lady I spoke to handled my query well. My concern was that I have been given a 5 year plan to check on me even though the cancers have been removed. I did not consider that this was ongoing treatment and the lady confirmed that this was the case. Perhaps this could be made clearer.

I think that more could be made of your Medical Emergency Service - it could be a good selling point but the thing that stands out in bold print says something like "you will use it or else......."

The premium I had to pay was £1758 (with very restricted cover for cancellation) and I do not think that there was adequate reflection of the fact that the operation that I had removed the cancer and that I have a letter saying that the recent CT scan was clear and a Sigmoidoscope examination showed no problem. The questions were only related to the fact that there had been cancer in the last few month and not the outcome of the treatment.

I wish that there was some way that the company could inspire me with confidence that they will meet any genuine claim speedily and without seeking out reasons not to pay.
I hope these comments are helpful

20 February 2013

Reply from AllClear Insurance Services

We are currently reviewing the journey that customers take through our website, so thanks Mr Sleightholm for the very useful feedback.

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