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Worse Company I have Encounter!

I order phone cost 99 pound from the website because I get 25 off for 1st order. I paid the full amount with credit card. I then received a wrong item and returned it. Then very sent me the phone. Was very happy BUT charged me another 99 pound and never informed me about the charges. I received statement next saying I missed minimum payment and interest charges!!! Was shocked and phone the company hundreds of time with different people saying different thing. Some asked me for receipt of returned item which I do have. I gave them the parcel code and she said the parcel code is not linked to my account???? What is that to do with me?? FInally they said they going to refund me 99 pound and guess what I get?? 74 pound because they include the 25 pound off. Not very happy and argue with the advisor and he said sorry unfortunately this is what happened this is called human error?? This is their fault and I done nothing wrong and I tried to explain calmly that this is your fault and why do i need to pay the price?? Finally he said ok the returned item still under investigation and will refund me 25 pound?? Who knows what is going to happen????

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