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Quick and reliable service

Yesterday i used their service. Wanted to buy Dawnguard (I know, Dragonborn just came out...guess I'm behind 2 years in terms of gaming).
Anyway, I thought I bought the DLC but it turned out that i made a mistake and bought the original game (which of course I already had). So i opened a ticket for them and started to warm up my knees. Didn't expected any kind of positive treatment since I knew their TOS clearly states that once they send a key there will be no refunds. I tried anyway. By the way they have a very nice autokey system which delivers your keys next to the moment you click approve purchase on Paypal. Simply amazing.

So 4 hours later (all of this happened around 23:00) I got an email that they refunded the money in the form of credits that I can use to purchase something else. Of course they verified the key first (the one I didn't needed) and they compensated me accordingly. I instantly bought DMC since it was at the exact same price that I would have paid for Dawnguard (kind of odd, but still, if I would have wanted to buy that game in my current region I would have to pay 3 times more. Not joking. And since I travel quite a lot due to my job the regional pricing of Steam is just pure BS for me anyway.

They have a very compact and WORKING VPN app to activate foreign keys on steam. Just one click!

So to sum it up: They are fast, they have a very good customer support that actually does the job, Activation is a breeze. And they are cheap. Insanely cheap.

The only downside I have experienced was that they have a very strict Anti-fraud system that randomly (i think its random) blocks purchases until they can verify your identity by forcing you to send a scan or photo of your ID with the current date hand written in a piece of paper. It kicked in when i bought my second game from them (and it didn't when I bought the first, that's why I think it's random). But if you think about it, they just want to protect them selfs and YOU from credit card fraud. Which is quite common these days. Once they verified you You won't need to do that ever again. It's a minor inconvenience, but I had to tell you about it.

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