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Sigma Sport

dramatically improved over the last year

Hi. I have had several times purchased stuff from sigma sport.
First time bought a saddle. Since I am not from the UK, expected the VAT to be excluded from the payment. I payed the UK vat. Sent them an email - no response.
The other time I had to send back the saddle (it broke). In spite of moover yeqar passed, they were highly "serviceful" in helping me and even provided other saddle type.
Other time had an issue of malfunction at web ordering. Again, after sent an email - issue fixed within a day.
Bottom line: Sigma Sport provide high level service with nice sales.


Everything by the book, no exceptions. Reliable.


I am a road bike cyclist from Israel and buy from Wiggle from time to time.

The good things:
- Lot of products with very large selection.
- Professionals in giving advice and pre-sale assistance.
- Return and handling damaged products is pleasure.
- Very very reliable. You know you can 100% trust them.

The bad things:

1. Delivery: why, in heaven, sending 200 gram jersey with no tracking cost 8 pound? I consider buying gloves that cost, say, 22 pound. With delivery it's 30 pound. And no tracking. I sent back a damaged gilet (weight 350 gram) with tracking from Israel back to UK. Convert it to pound, it cost me about 2.9 pound, see what I mean?

Conclusion: you want me to put more orders? make your delivery cheaper and with tracking.

2. Sending an email with a question, some times it take them more than 24 hrs to respond. The automatic reply is nice but it's not the real answer.

3. Sometimes they are "stiff" (not flexible). I have ordered a wheelset in a sale that I waited for it LONG TIME. The took my order, charged my paypal. Than after several days got an email it's ran out of stock. So I reply: OK, call your supplier and get it. They said: no, you can order only what you have in stock. I argued, didn't help. They cancel my order and refund me. Thennnnn, after a week, they called me again and told me they spoke with the supplier and it's OK. But this was too late, I got it somewhere else. You lost a client here.

4. This as to do with nearly all UK sellers. What does it mean that there is a sale with "up to 30%"? It's mean nothing!! it's mean either the item you want is with sale 5%, or, it's 30% of the MSRP (which leave the price a bit lower than what it's displayed). Because of that I usually delete all these sale emails. You publish a sale? GOOD! but make it with a coupon so I know this is real thing.


Highly recommended for good communication and excellent prices


Buying from them Continental tires on regular basis.
Their prices are amazing.
I wrote them and had some special requests and they were responsive and eager to help. Pleasure to do business with them.

I am a return customer, this tell everything!!

I wish they will sell also Tufo tubular tires

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