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Betta Living

0 stars - discriminating and rude

I received a phone call to book in a design visit and the person took some details. She asked if I owned my home, and I said no. She said she couldn't give us a quote as I was not a home owner. I asked why and she said it was because of the price! I tried explaining that I needed the quote for the furniture as I was in the process of buying the property and needed to know how much I needed to add on to the mortgage and she said you still cant have a quote until your a homeowner!
It annoyed me and I decided to go to the local branch. The manager came out and explained that they don't give quotes to tenants as the landlord might not like them and rip them out. He said he'd ask the designer to come round and give me a quote.
The designer never showed up. I went into branch again as I needed bathroom, kitchen and bedroom doing and told them the person didn't turn up. They arranged another visit. We had a phone call the day after and the person told us that we couldn't have the visit that we asked for as they weren't available then. The designer was rude and basically said there was no point in her coming out and giving a quote as weren't going to buy the furniture! She said the average cost was between 4-8k wasn't that enough information?
Wouldn't buy from them now even if it 90% off!

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Diet Chef

No con, I quite clearly saw discount on first hamper only!

You could probably get the food in a supermarket for cheaper but the meals would not last as long and you would still have to visit the supermarket regularly to get fresh meals. This would mean more opportunity to buy unhealthy food and if your like me you'd probably forget/put off shopping and then end up getting fast food. You also wouldnt get the variety that you get from supermarket either.
For the ease and convience I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I too did not feel like I was on a "diet".
It is quite expensive though the 21 days money back guarantee is good if you feel you decide the diet is not for you!

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