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I'm going to use this service in the future as well!

CJS CD Keys, what can I say about them? It's the coolest thing ever! I wanted to buy Tera after it went free to play so I started searching on the internet. I came across dozens of sites but as I explored them one by one I found that none had what I wanted, which was the Tera orginal EU key. The other sites didn't have keys at all, I only found where to buy money or Tera membership cards but that wasn't what I wanted. I looked at ebay and amazon.com to try and find if I can get the box but I live in Europe and all that I found were supposed to be shiped from the US which would take forever and cost a tone of money as well. So among all the dissapointments, just as I was about to give up I discoverd this awsome site http://www.cjs-cdkeys.com/ which not only did it have Tera EU keys but as well as tera membership cards all at very low prices. So of course I bought there without a second to spare. The key arrived in 1 hour because it wasn't on stock, the stock needet to be refilled in 2-12 hours but the key arrived in 1 hour so I'm extremly pleased! Also on this site you can find alot and I mean alot of game keys all at cheap prices! Looking and drooling at all the other games here I know I'm going to use this service in the future as well!

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