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Pingo Phone Cards

Used to be good but now the waste time saying 'They are reviewing your account with Manual recharges"

I have used Pingo since 2008 and have been using the same credit card for recharge and i recharge my account manually. They do offer great call quality and service regarding phonecalls internationally especially to my home country from the US. However beginning this year anytime i recharge my account,it always says my account is under review and i either have to call and harass customer service before my recharge goes through; a total waste of time given that there is a big time difference between my call destination and US ,so sometimes,by the time the whole mess is resolved,it would be so late i can't make my call. I do not know why they started doing this but when i call customer service they tell me something silly that i recharge my account too often ,which i thought it would be good business for them or i don't know if this is their way for pushing me to sign up for Autorefill which i wont sign up for. Either way i am truly displeased with the service and the hassle i have to go through to make one phone call because i can't keep calling or e-mailing their customer service each time i recharge! Maybe they do not want my business and want me to look for another phone card!

20 February 2013

Reply from Pingo.com

Hello Abigail,

We are sorry for the experience that your having with the phone service. We will look into your account. However if you have a future issue recharging your account, please contact Pingo Account Verification at 1 781 505 7477 available business hours 9 to 5 or email pingoaccountverification /at/ p.i.n.g.o. dot com.

Thanks for your business & patience,

- Pingo Customer Service

Update: We have reviewed your account with Pingo's account verification manager to help reduce the chances of your account going under review.

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