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So far, pretty poor.

Con No: ZDBYSW003381

I ordered a large amount of furniture from Home Discount website. I received an email from them on the 21st Oct just at 16:50 saying they've dispatched my goods, but it didn't mention which courier. On the 22nd, I contact Home Discount at 10:30 to try and find out the courier and they came back quickly saying it was XDP and gave me a consignment number which I looked up.

On the tracking information, it said: 22 Oct 2013 08:45AM 581 DELIVERY Out for Delivery - Route 80 - ETA: 10:35am to 1:35pm. So I had to rush home from work, taking a taxi to get back in time, which cost me £6 and greatly irritating my boss. Getting home at 10:50, I breathe a sigh of relief as the tracking info stays the same, there's no card, so I sit down to wait. This was bad service because the company had not bothered to contact me to let me know they were even delivering on this day.

So I sit. And I wait. 13:35 goes by. 2:00 goes by - I am ringing to find out the problem but the phone is engaged. Engaged. How on earth is not a proper phone system to taken calls? I am literally just ringing a landline. Ridiculous.

The girlfriend gets back at 2:30 so I taxi back to work for the afternoon (another £6). I continue calling and finally get someone at around 16:00. He tells me that 'there has been 'an incident' in Portsmouth', so the van driver has decided to do his round backwards and to disregard the ETA information. That the delivery will be delivered by 7pm without fail.

So from 6:40 onwards, with no delivery, I am watching that tracking information like a hawk. Refreshing the window every 5 seconds. At 6:50, up comes the status 22 Oct 2013 18:50PM All Barcodes 580 EXCEPTION Carded. I am running down the single flight of stairs to the front door of my block of flats so fast it freaks my girlfriend out. There is no card. There is no delivery van. There cannot be a card put through my door because there is no letterbox. The delivery van has not visited my road because it is a no-through road which takes about 5 minutes of cautious reversing to get a taxi out, nevermind a delivery van.

So I ring the depot, there's no answer. I leave a message explaining the issue. It's strongly worded but no shouting or swearing asking for someone to call me back. It's now 9:45am on the 23rd Oct and no-one has bothered to call me.

So yesterday, I was not contacted to be advised a delivery was taking place, the driver apparently decided to change his route and therefore failed to deliver it, and subsequently recorded a false entry in the database. I am £12 down, my boss is annoyed at me, my girlfriend has had to wait in all afternoon yesterday and again all day today, and I have not had a single communication from this company. Terrible, terrible service.

By contrast, DPD have been keeping me appraised of another delivery of audio equipment I ordered through amazon, just like they always do, and should be arriving today between 15:00 and 17:00, and I am sure they will - they usually call me 10 minutes before they are popping round.

Currently, my consignment has this status 23 Oct 2013 08:36AM 581 DELIVERY Out for Delivery - Route 80 - ETA: 1:32pm to 4:32pm. I have absolutely no confidence this will arrive and my girlfriend has resigned herself to waiting in all day because we cannot trust this company.

23 October 2013

Reply from xdp.co.uk

Hello James, I have tried calling the contact number on your consignment, the depot have confirmed the driver is about 20 mins away.

Regards Jennifer

Strings Direct

Good customer service.

Service isn't very speedy but they deal with concerns regarding slow delivery very well. If you are ordering strings, I suggest you allow 5 working days for delivery.

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