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Dreadful - avoid at all costs.

Dreadful Company - Avoid at all costs

This company doesn't keep to it's specified delivery terms, customer service is poor, don't waste your time or money with them. We had problems wit them delivering items 2 days later than scheduled but the funniest thing of all was that we had arranged through this company for them to pick up a bed and return it to the manufacturer as it was faulty. XDP stated they would pick it up on the Monday - having made arrangements to take the day off they never came all day, nor did they come on the Tuesday, or Wednesday. On the Thursday we spotted a van pull up with a rather confused man looking in the back of the van. He then shut the van and proceeded to drive off - luckily we managed to flag him down and he stopped. He said he was sorry and he was meant to be delivering a bed to us of which hadn't been put in the van again! We said no, you are meant to be collecting a bed from us, we also made him aware that he was meant to have come on the Monday to which he replied that he did but again he didn't ring the doorbell as again he thought he was delivering a bed and when he looked in the van the bed wasn't there! Basically he thought he was delivering a bed but in reality he needed to pick one up !!! Total incompetence and several days wasted with this company - with service like this they are not going to survive long in the economical climate. Dreadful company !!

18 February 2013

Reply from xdp.co.uk

Hello David, Could i ask you to email sales@xdp.co.uk with your postcode, without having that I cant look into this and find out whats happened, Some companies use the economy delivery service which is a 2-3 day turn around, but without details I cant check if this was the case. The collection which is a 3rd party carries a 3-5 day requirement. I would like to check this out, We do keep records of depot/driver issues so your help would be appreciated. We have over 10,000 consignments per day, but admit occasionally things do go wrong, as with other carriers. David please be assured though we do take these issues futher.
Regards Jennifer

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