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Highland Titles

Less than transparent and possibly deliberately opaque.

I questioned a few of the "Highland Titles" claims and swiftly received email responses that were well written, polite and skirted each of my concerns skillfully.
My questions centred around the notion of attaching the descriptor, "Laird" (let alone Lord or Lady) to the 'owner' of one square foot of Scotland and to the conservation aspects of the "Highland Titles" business.
The emails flew thick and fast, each one polite and appearing to address my concerns until I sent a copy of an email I received from, "the Court of the Lord Lyon". (The Lord Lyon is quoted on the "Highland Titles" documents but, according to the Lord Lyon, out of context in such a way as to potentially mislead souvenir plot buyers.) I have had no response from "Highland Titles" since. The company's interest in the conservation of the Highlands is not strengthened by the fact that their office is not IN Scotland but in the Channel Islands. (a tax and to a degree, legal haven) I have asked for but not received ANY information with regard to their conservation works other than photographs on their FaceBook page.
I read a letter on a website purportedly from a customer named, "Lady" something-or-other who claimed to have visited her plot and engaged in tree planting with other joyful "Lairds and Ladies". Sadly she said she had planted trees in "Glencoe" when in actuality her plot is supposed to be some miles away on Keil Hill. When the letter was questioned on the website, no reply was forthcoming.
The company did however point out and very clearly that I could apply for a full refund after I receive my documentation, should I not be satisfied with their product.
I have rated the company with one star BUT I feel obliged to point out that whilst I am not satisfied with, "the product", their representative [Name removed] was polite and reasonable to deal with at all times.
Because I have had some experience of statements quoted out of context in reference to this company, I will of course be keeping a copy of this review should it's wording become muddled in some way, with all the emails I sent and received regarding this matter.
Should you like a copy of them email, [Personal information removed]

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