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Used these to send a parcel through parcel2go. I selected the 48 hour service on a Friday afternoon. My parcel was collected at 7.55pm on the following Monday. After 3 failed attempts to deliver my parcel I finally received it back in a damaged box 15 days later!!

I spoke to a driver, he gets paid 50p a drop, if the address is hard to find it isn't worth the hassle and time looking for it. They are not allowed to call the customer if it is a tricky address to find. They pay their staff peanuts and the staff will not go out of their way to ensure you receive your package. Will NEVER use HDNL again.


Decent Company

Decent middle of the road company, one that I would trust when so many are going under at the moment. Used them a few times and will do so again, they deliver what they say on the tin!!


Great Quality Food But Costly

I am a Tesco man, we do use the local Waitrose when we need something special or when we are entertaining but a weekly shop there is so expensive


Everything Is So Simple

I love Amazon, they sell just about everything, the rating and review system is great and I have had to return three items over my time using them and each time it was a breeze to do so

Virgin Atlantic

Quality from Start To Finish

Okay they are not the cheapest airline but it is horses for courses. If you want to feel relaxed and ready for your holiday at the end of the flight fly Virgin. Their staff are also more friendly and not full of self importance compared to others like British Airways. If I had the money I would always fly Virgin.


Not Bad Could Do Better

I have used the old BT Cellnet, Virgin, Vodafone and Orange. Very close between Orange and Vodafone to who I rate the best, Orange just because of the magic number loyalty scheme.

There are a few things they could improve on, one simple one would be the ability to turn on and off the voice mail without having to call customer support.


Made Me feel Ill

After 9 months of squabbling with this company I finally got them off my back and my phone line released. I can't go into great detail as it is still painful. I would NEVER trust carphonewarehouse again. I would rather go without then use this company for my phone or broadband needs.

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Slow Delivery But Always came Through

Okay their delivery was slow at times but I did not mind that. Their prices were great and vets should be ashamed of the extortionate prices they charge us.

My dog needs Rimadyl to make him comfortable. Thanks to petcaremart I was able to afford them when he requires them. Now I have to revert back to the local vets I will struggle.

Vets earn enough when they examine and treat our pets, why should they be allowed to charge us extortionate prices for tablets and have the way cleared for them to compete in a closed market place with little to no competition. I will miss petcaremart an awful lot.

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