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Report, report, REPORT!!

I ordered a simple bouquet of flowers from Serenataflowers to be delivered to my partner who lives at the same address as me for Valentines day. We waited in all day for them and despite receiving a dispatched email along with a delivery confirm email from Serenataflowers, nothing showed up.

After looking on their website for a contact number, it became clear that all communication was dealt with through email. I sent them a messaging asking where the flowers could be, and they explained that they would be delivery up until 9pm (it being 7.pm now). I waited, no flowers turned up.
As the whole point of ordering from them was for my partner to receive the flowers on valentines day itself, I emailed back in the morning explaining that the flowers had still not arrived and requested a refund. On return of their email, they confirmed that the flowers had been delivered to the right delivery address on the 14th of February and ignored my request for a refund. As I have said before, this was simply not true.

I decided to explain it to them again, making it clear that I was at the address all day. The same response was given.
By this point, the whole situation was getting very frustration as the communication from Serenataflowers was coming from a number of people working from the company rather than just one person. Also, they seemed to be disregarding everything I was trying to explain to them.

When I arrived home on the 15th, the flowers had arrived along with a different address penciled in on the side of the box. Already disheartened that the flowers had not arrived on the correct day, I opened them to find a badly arranged bouquet wrapped up in one clear piece of cellophane (taped badly round the bottom) with a "bow" stuck down one side (which was also the wrong colour; Green, not red). The quality of the flowers themselves was not great. they had already started to wilt a little and they were no way near as extravagant as the photographs on Serenataflowers' site. To add further insult to injury, the card which I had paid for had been placed inside the box poorly which had caused it to bend. The sticker inside was also stuck on at an angle, despite the obvious guidelines in the card itself.
At this point, the communication with Serenataflowers was going round in circles. I kept explaining to them that the flowers were not delivered on the right day, and they kept ignoring my comments and telling me they had been.

Finally, after getting very frustrated with Serenataflowers, I asked them for their courier information. I felt that it was Serenataflowers responsibility to resolve the issue, however, as they were refusing to listen to and deal with my complaint so I decided to find out for myself what really happened. I received a reply from this email, which seemed to make absolutely no sense when compared to the rest of the emails I received from them, finally offering me a refund.

EDIT: I would like to add that this email said I would receive my refund within three days. After the three days were up, still no money had been refunded to me. I emailed them on the 4th day and no reply was given. Lastly, I emailed them on day 5 after my refund was agreed. They responded on the same day, and I finally got my money back. --- Anyone who has this problem, keep pestering. I know it is irritating and frustrating but it does work... eventually.

Overall, the communication with Serenataflowers was appalling. I found that they had a tendency not to listen at all to my complaint. The fact that around 5 different people were messaging me made the whole situation a lot more confusing and stressful. They didn't even seem to communicate well with each other.
The flower quality was OK, but for what you are advertised through the photographs on their site, you would expect to get a lot more for your money. The way they were wrapped also didn't give them any justice at all. I decided to give them away and bought a much more extravagant bouquet for my partner from the local supermarket (might I add, at a much better price).

I strongly feel that anyone else who has had to deal with the frustration and stress of this company should report it straight to trading standards and BBC Watchdog. I have, along with what seems hundreds of unhappy customers who had similar problems with this company not only on Valentines Day (the busiest day of the year for florists) but also on other occasions too.

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