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Great Network Provider good coverage (as long as your in 3g coverage)

Having been with 3 for seval year now I would definatly recommand them (with the few exceptions beow) I have been quite suprised at recent reviews as have noticed a big improvement in Service (maybe the reviewers are in the 2g area..see below). Three used to have patchy 3g coverage and the older handsets would not move over to the 2g network for several minutes.

I travel a lot and The 3g coverage is very good indeed noticing 3g coverage in areas not covered by the other networks with in general good 3g speeds (I seem to get an average of 2-8mbs depending on area and time of day). To give a good exmaple I have tested trying to watch steaming video while on the move from Manchester to Chester/Oswestry way and in general have been able to watch with only a few glitches, listning to treaming radio had almost no glitches on the whole journey, the same could not be said for voda or o2 with big 3g coverage gaps.

The phone services such as Conferencing, voice alling and 3g video calling all seem to work well and unlike t-mobile/orage skype is not blocked, in fact they are the only network I know who has a skype app to install wherby skype users can ring your mobile for free (or you call them on skype) which uses the phone side of the network rather than internet and works very well.

Their phone pricing and unlimed data usage are the winners for me knowing the phone can be used a much as you like for data is a big bonus with tethering allowed on the one plan making the one lan very good value indeed for money. I have also found in general the Customer Service although could improve more still is getting better and has
been helpful when I have needed to call.

There are a couple of buts though..

Sadly to save money im guessing in areas they deem good 3g coverage which is a large chunk of the country they have disabled 2g roaming onto Orange, while logically it seems okay if you can use 3g this is not good as sometime for example you may go into a supermarket where no 3g can penetrate, great 2g coverage but your phone is likly to be denied to roam there. The other downside is where you do get 2g coverage only voice calling and texting is allowed data has been disabled. All that being said I have only found this an inconvenicence a few times and in general I get good 3g coverage in most places (including many areas I see no other network has any 3g service).

I did have an overdue bill and 3 were too quick to suspend service, once suspended I could not recieve any text messages so feel they need to review suspending procedures.

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