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Wonderful products! Shame the site isn't as wonderful.

I believe I've been in the minority where it's come to purchasing the items, as i have purchased roughly 15 items so far and all have come on time, under the expect limit, literally 2-3 days after the initial buying.

The site is generally secure, you may not want to keep other tabs open though as generally, common sense tells you, with the ongoing internet security tips these days of warnings about hackers even being a little wise can go along way.

For a fiver, i believe it's overall, excellent quality, The site itself needs a good refurbishment including a retail selection of clothes to bra sizes. would ideally be great to have a size 12-14-16 area, instead you have to click the item you find buy able, click it again and pick the colour (if it's in stock) and then click again if you have the correct size. Not fun but easy to baggage if you've found the product you desire.

Honestly the Site itself frustrates me a little, a small FAQ after scrolling about the site- trying to get the gist of it. Not many reviews unless if the item is about to sell-out. doesn't say how much is actually in stock, so you have to wait about a day or two for a confirmation, if you're lucky the same day.

Mostly above average reviews, unless it's customers complaining about the parcel not turning up at the correct time, or being the wrong coloured product they originally had.

4/5 stars i believe- Amanda.

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