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Diet Chef

Easy to cook, easy to eat meals but dull for vegetarians.

Breakfast is good, the snacks are good, the soup is good but....

1. I really don't like the pasta salads for lunch. They need a light dressing with crunchy veg in it , not sauces.
2. I am veggie who doesn't like mushrooms. The texture isn't good in the meals.
3. The veggie tagine and chill have a bad effect on veggies with too many beans! Have you tried making chilli with bulgar wheat as the base with kidney beans and passata, chilli etc.
4. The veggie food needs more variety. more aubergine, roasted vegtables, maybe sauces to add to homemade stir fries, tofu etc. Pls add more variety of flavour, eg. ginger, lemongrass, basil, sage etc.

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