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Slow freepost service = no cash

Very disappointing and I can't recommend anyone use them. I used their freepost envelope and sent it back by return of post several weeks ago. I also confirmed that I had already posted it when I received an automated reminder around a week later. I was today informed that my order had "just" arrived but was outside the required time period to receive the price promised on their website.

How odd - I posted other items the same day, all of which arrived at their destinations within the usual few days that I would expect. Nowhere on the envelope provided did it say that their freepost service could take weeks to arrive and I would risk losing the chance of any reimbursement.

Having read the negative reviews from other customers with similar experiences, I am surprised that Bozowi have not taken any positive action to improve customer satisfaction - such as improving the speed of their return service or lengthening the the time period that their "offers" are valid or even just being honest with customers about how appallingly slow their "free" service is.

Luckily my phone wasn't worth much so I don't feel cheated like some others obviously do but I am annoyed in principle about their poor service. I have emailed them to let them know this.

There are better and more honest companies out there to recycle your phone with.

In response to the subsequent reply from Bozowi....

Thank you for your comprehensive answer explaining the problems that you are having with Royal Mail but this is hardly the fault of the customer and we are the ones being penalised.

Whilst I appreciate that there may be some issues here beyond your control, what is certainly within your powers to do is minimise the impact on your customers by either extending the time period that your offers are valid for and / or letting customers know that using your freepost service is currently likely to result in late delivery and thus downgrading of the offer price. Whilst you do neither of these things, it is only through customer reviews like mine that others can find out everything that they need to know to make an informed choice about which company to use.

I received a poor service from you and I stand by my review.

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19 February 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Erika, we have received your email and will be responding shortly, we believe in working with our customers and if you had emailed or called us before leaving your review it may have not been necessary.

We have had some issues with royal mail recently, where they have stated that they can no longer deliver our freepost due to the contents of them. They have stated that mobile devices are classed under the dangerous goods act and therefore cannot be delivered.

This has delayed some orders by a few days as Royal Mail only notified us after we rang them to state we have not received them. We now collect all the freepost from their depot and process them as quickly as possible.

We recommend using a tracked service in order to ensure a safe and fast method of delivery, doing so may have avoided this issue, we understand why a lot of our customers choose freepost over other methods but we must stress there is no guaranteed time for delivery and that it is not insured or tracked.

We hope you understand that Royal Mail being our delivery agent, gives us no control on the timescale it takes for them to deliver. We are always willing to listen to our customers and help resolve issues that arise within our organization.

Your disappointment should be directed to Royal Mail in this instance but we apologise on their behalf for these circumstances beyond our control.

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