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they just could care less

i work in retail and the compant i work for sell product of far higher value than that of what i bought for PC WORLD and if there a problem with the warranty then it's down to us to exchange or refund and than take it up with our suppliers.
It seems not to be the case with PC WORLD who just want to fob you off and blame someone else.
I bought a cheap PC £350 just to get me out of a problem for 6 months until i could afford to buy a better one but after 7 weeks the hard drive went on it so took it back accepting to get a exchange for one that worked only to be told that it's nothing to do with them and they would need to send it off to the supplier as it was past there 21 days returns policy and that it would take upto 28(maybe longer).
My contact of sale was with PC WORLD and not there supplier so as i'm sure you can guess was a little upset by this.

This just a temp computer for me as i cant do without one but when i bought it didnt have the money to buy one i really need. PC WORLD your lose as i will never never buy from you again.
I even offered to buy a £1200 lap top on the day if they would refund for the faulty pc i returned and still got told NO.

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