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Easily the worst internet purchase experience in the past 15 years !

On March 8, 2012, I ordered and immediately paid an office chair from this company; it was to be delivered in June. The delivery date slid by and when I inquired, they told me the product they had ordered from the US didn't meet their rigorous standards and they were going to have to reorder it for delivery early in October. When by the end of November they finally told me the container containing my chair had been lost, I asked for a reimbursement, which they accepted to carry out right away.
Almost three months and eight reminders later I still haven't seen the repayment that has been announced several times. I should have searched for reviews of Infurl earlier, but the website looked completely normal and I never would have expected things to become that bad.
In two weeks it will be a year ago that I paid the order. Infurn never even hinted at the eventuality of a compensation for my long and fruitless patience.
Guido Courtois
Edegem, Belgium

The quick (within 12 hrs.) and predictable reaction from Valerie confirms everybody's experience: make the dissatisfied customer hold his breath as long as possible and hope he or she'll become discouraged and drop the matter. Ms Valerie (who adressed me on the phone using my first name !) now finds solace in announcing to the world that after all I asked for delivery to be postponed. Let the world know I requested postponement because after the initial delivery had been canceled, the new date was during my holiday abroad. Keep going Infurn !

No need to resolve any problem - INFURN announced repayment on Nov. 28th and three months later I am still waiting for it. Just pay and you will never hear from me again.

Reimbursement was to take place 30 working days after November 28, 2012.
Today, three full months later, I am still waiting but at long last my complaint has been filed with the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Maybe Infurn has only two working days a week ?

"The issue has been resolved " ? Which issue, that of deciding whether Infurn would reimburse ? They said that three months ago. Mrs Valerie is playing for time, as all the other customers have experienced. Nothing will happen except to Infurn itself. 25FEB2013 18h30

Payment was finally received today so I feel Valerie deserves some credit. 26FEB2013 15h10

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25 February 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Hello Mr Curtois,

Further to your comments, the information I gave about your postponement of the order was taken from the notes.

I understand you are upset and whilst I am unable to change the past situation with regard to your order, I am trying to resolve the problem as it stands now in the best manner I can.

The issue has been resolved now on our part and I have emailed confirming this to you.

Kind Regards
Valerie - Customer Services Adviser.

Hello Guido,

I have read your comments and am sorry for the difficulties so far. We understand that your order did encounter some problems but that you also asked us to delay delivery until after October at one stage.

Notwithstanding this, we are looking to resolve the repayment issue for you quickly.

Kind Regards
Valerie - Customer Services Adviser.

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Guido Courtois
Edegem, United Kingdom