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Not great... Wouldn't recommend to anyone!!

Like some of the other comments on here, they are quite sneaky as a company and although they say "all our customers should read the terms & conditions clearly", as a company they could in fact make things a lot clearer from the off set!

I've used several different phone recycling companies over the years and luckily never had any problems until now. I've never had an issue with the phone being 'network provider locked' previously, so this was a new one to me. If I'd known this, I would have contacted my provider, waited for the necessary means for the phone to be network unlocked, and then sent the phone off for recycling!

As well as the original good price offered (before they deducted the amount because of the network being locked), one of the other reasons I went with them was because of the payment speed, being 3 days! Unfortunatly though, I'm at the beginning of the 4th day and I've still not received the payment. I have however received an email today to say that the payments been processed and I'll have it in 3 days! So effectively I've had to wait 7 working days to get paid, and that's if this even gets paid on time.

Personally, they've not been the worst company I've ever dealt with, but there are plenty of better companies out there for phone recycling... In my opinion!

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19 February 2013

Reply from Bozowi


There are many recyclers that downgrade for network lock, we do state it within our terms and conditions as you state. Some of the other recyclers do not give you the choice of accepting, rejecting or have the device returned to you. We do offer these as part of our service.

We aim to process all devices within 24 hours of receipt, unfortunately some orders are delayed in the postal system. In addition as we do not work weekends we are not able to send payments on these days, nor does the bank place payments over the weekend.

In regard to your order we received and processed your order on Friday the 15th of February and you would receive the payment into your account within 3 working days from that date.

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