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Severe lack of information.

I'm disappointed in the lack of information given in this course. I really don't see how you can become a competent nail technician from it. For example, they tell you to fill in the client form with lots of information, but don't say why you are asking these questions and what differences the answers will make. They say to 'file' the nails but don't actually tell you how to do this (which I would say is a fairly important part of a manicure!); she says in the video that you may need to cut the nails, but 'luckily' her client doesn't need her nails cutting, so therefore you don't get shown how to do it. Maybe you need to think about getting a model that does need all parts of the manicure/pedicure doing, otherwise we just have to guess how to do things...not very professional. I'm disappointed in the course and also worried that I won't do a good job on real clients if I haven't been shown the correct techniques.

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27 February 2013

Reply from Essentialnails

Hi Joanne

I am very happy that our conversation earlier has cleared up any concerns you were having with your Manicure and Pedicure course.
The course does cover the NVQ curriculum and is a comprehensive training course teaching you the basics and special pampering services to offer your clients.
We are here for you throughout your course and also offer continued support after you have graduated with us, so any concerns you may have just give us a call.

Kind regards


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