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4 days waiting on a reply after sending more and more emails nothing and i leave first thing tommorow morning

4 DAYS SINCE THE MAN ON THE PHONE SAID I WOULD GET MY EMAIL AND SURPRISE SURPRISE NOTHING GOING TO BARCELONA ON TUESDAY BUT WITH NO GURANTEE WHICH IS THEIR MOTTO I DONT KNOW WHAT I WILL DO WHATS THE POINT OF GOING IF THIS ANYTHING TO GO BY I HAVE NEVER FELT THIS BAD ABOUT ANYTHING AND THIS COMPANY COULD NOT CARE LESS FIRST TIME WAS GREAT I MUST HAVE BEEN LUCKY I HAVE SPENT HUNDREDS OF POUNDS ON THIS FOR THE REASON I THOUGHT I HAD A TICKET it is now the 25th and i leave tommorow been emailing viagogo since thursday and no reply since i dont get into barcelona untill 6.30 that is why i wanted a paper ticket when the kickoff is at 9.00 but after 3 weeks still no ticket the man said its ok you can go to the hotel next to the nou camp the man will be their between 4 and 8 pm but if i get delayed i might miss him which is why i wanted a paper ticket that i payed over 140 euros for three weeeks ago its ok the man said if your late we will put this behind the desk available for you at anytime well that sounds about the only thing to do but have i got the email yet of course not i still have the email saying i must be their between 4 and 8 pm or i dont get a refund and have travelled to barcelona for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IF I DO GET MY TICKET IT WILL BE THANKS TO MY AIRLINE AND THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN BARCELONA PLEASE IGNORE WHAT THE VIAGOGO MAN HAS WRITEING AS I AM FIRST TIME CUSTOMER LAST MONTH AND HAD A GREAT EXPERIANCE BOT NOW IM ILL WITH WORRY ABOUT THIS AND WITHOUT GOING INTO THIS HAVE OTHER TROUBLES WHICH WITH THIS ON TOP OF IT IS ONLY MAKEING THESE WORSE TO EXPECT A BIT OF HUMAN DECENCY IS NOT MUCH FOR 140 EUROS WHICH BY THE WAY WAS OUT OF MY ACCOUNT IN UNDER 5 SECONDS BUT IVE BEEN WAITNING FOR A REPLY FOR 4 DAYS SAYS IT ALL REALLY now 1oclock and two emails sent still no reply if all goes well in barcelona i will be the first person to come on and praise like i did first time but that still does not excuse the behaviour GOT TO HOTEL IN TIME THANKS TO RYANAIR AND BARCELONA PUBLIC TRANSPORT WENT TO HOTEL WAS NICE HOTEL BUT THE VIAGOGO ROOM WAS LIKE A TICKET TOUT HOUSE PEOPLE GETTING SEASON TICKETS AND TOLD TO TAKE THEM BACK AND FOR SOME REASON EVERYONE WAS VIDEOING ON THEIR PHONES GETTING THEIR TICKETS MUST BE FOR PROOF IT WAS ORGANISED CHAOS NOT WHAT ID EXPECT FROM SUCH A BIG COMPANY ALTHOUGH DID GET MY TICKET WHICH WAS GOOD SO AT LEAST THEY DID HAVE ONE FOR ME AND DID MEET KEVIN BRIDGES THE GLASGOW COMEDIAN AND HAD A GREAT TIME WITH SO THE TRIP WAS BRILLIANT OVERALL WOULD USE AGAIN BUT WOULD HOPE IT GOES BETTER

21 February 2013

Reply from Viagogo

Hi Kristine,

We are sorry, however sadly the seller is unable to send the ticket(s) so that you will receive them in time for the event. The only way that we can guarantee that you will get the tickets in time for the event is through the pick up point. As per our terms and conditions, we are unable to cancel any orders due to a change of delivery method.

However if you can provide us with the transaction ID we can look into for you, but remember as per our terms and conditions delivery methods can be changed to ensure delivery of tickets.

The viagogo team!


Hi Kristine,

This is just to let you know that your ticket will be available for collection at our pick up point on the day of the event pickup details are available in the email sent to you.

You have also been refunded your shipping fee which will go back to your method of payments on viagogo it normally takes up to 3 to 5 working days for the money to show up.

We hope you enjoy the game.

The viagogo team!

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