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I have been mystery shopping for over 5 years and have recently joined GapBuster...they are HORRID. So far I have not received any payments or response to my online enquiries about why I haven't been paid. There are no numbers to call and ask!
Compared to all other companies I shop with, their payments and reimbursements are very low.
The reports quite often have multiple choice answers which don't have options which reflect what actually occurs during an assignment, only the answers they want you to use, yet you have to pick one to submit the report.
If they don't like your answers, they ring and speak down to you like you are an idiot....then tell you they cant pay you for it. Seems like they only want good reports on business's and don't like to know if you have a bad experience.
On one occasion I was called and asked why I filled out my report the way I did, I said it was because that was what happened in the store. They said I should have done and asked things which weren't on the instructions and literally told me I should have prompted the staff in the shop, so I would get the answers they wanted....
There are so many reputable and well paying companies, give them a miss!

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