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Worst company in UK?

Just incredibly bad. Can't get them on the phone - which is odd, being as they are a telecoms company. Some incomprehensible staff - who don't even know what they're doing. Won't return phone calls or emails. If ever a company deserves to go under, then this is it...can't wait.

22 January 2014

Reply from Plusnet

Hi Barry,

I'm really sorry to hear you've had a poor experience with us. Please feel free to send me a message with your username via our Twitter or Facebook page perhaps and I'll be more than happy to deal with any issues for you.

Adam Walker
Plusnet Digital Care Team


Don't use!

Shockingly-bad company. Ordered a dash-cam. When it came it didn't work. Contacted Tech365 (it's always 'Ben' that picks up the phone no matter which extension you choose!) and they said to send it back to their supplier for repair, but at my expense! I told them that this wasn't acceptable and that I would return it to their supplier, but asked for my money back - and reimbursement for sending the product back. They reluctantly agreed. However, on sending it back they didn't contact me. I emailed (no reply) and phoned, but each time they give a pathetic excuse - even that their supplier never got it back! Yet I had proof of delivery through Royal Mail - and even a picture of 'Sue's' signature! They said they would "definitely" phone me by 5.00 with a resolution. Of course, they didn't. I have now raised a Paypal dispute and reported them to the Office of Fair Trading, and also Trading Standards. Haven't got my money back yet, but they'll end up paying my court fees too.
UPDATE: 6/2/14 see 'Comment'
No, that's not true. My wife took a picture of the receipt on her Ipad for sending back the item and we emailed it to you. But you NEVER reimbursed us for the amount. There's only so much we can do to get £3.70 back without it taking up our life. We emailed Ben Mortlock on November 13th at 11.31 a.m with the picture - we still have proof. So please don't go on to TrustPilot making things up that aren't true. You made out the supplier hadn't received it back, then when shown proof, you reluctantly agreed. 'Ben' said he would phone by 5.00 but didn't, and despite sending you proof of the cost of sending the item back you NEVER paid up. Perhaps, Mr Adams, you best do your research next time before stating things that simply are not true.



We must be stupid as this is the second time we have used them - after supplying us with a loo that didn't fit! They gave us compensation for that. Delivery was promised today between 9.00 and 1.00. Wife has waited in all day - needless to say it didn't turn up. They phoned and said it would be before 4.00 instead. Well it's 4.10 now and still no sign of them!

14 May 2013

Reply from Bathstore

Hello Barry

I am very sorry to hear that the delivery did not arrive within the specified timeframe.

Could you please contact me on the number below, and provide me with your order number, I will then be able to investigate matters with our logistics provider.

In the meantime, may I take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience and frustration this situation has caused you.

Kind Regards

Paula Davies
Customer Service Manager
08000 23 23 23 Option 3

Poor initially, but resolved

Bought an Epson C1750N. Soon as I used it, it made a grating noise. I emailed Printerland but they didn't initially reply, so I contacted Epson as I really need a working printer. Epson said they'd send an engineer. Then I did get a reply from Printerland three working days after sending an email. However, they just pointed me in the direction of Epson. Epson said they'd call - but then apparently just turned up at my door while I was at work. They rearranged, but failed to make the visit despite me waiting in all day! I got back in touch with Printerland to advise them that they should send a replacement. They replied that there were no more in their stock (and Epson say they don't have any either!) so they'd have to arrange a refund - two weeks after this all began. Printerland shouldn't be leaving its customers at the mercy of Epson with a brand new product, they should take it upon themselves to sort. Won't be using Printerland or Epson again.

Just four minutes after posting this review I got a call from Printerland - disappointed that I gave a poor review. They then phoned back again saying that (miraculously) some Epson C1750N printers had just come in! I mean, what are the odds? They managed to get a delivery to me the next day. Unfortunately, the Epson didn't work! So they arranged for me to have an OKI C301dn at no extra cost. Unfortunately, when it was delivered it was HUGE - twice the size of the Epson. At my request Printerland said they would send me a Xerox 6000 instead (which I think is the same as the Epson). Amazingly this didn't work either out of the box, but with some fiddling on the paper tray (and setting it NOT to how it is described in the manual) it has started working. So full credit to Printerland for resolving it (though I'm left with a very poor opinion of printers generally!).

Systo UK

Avoid at all costs - possible scam company

I ordered a printer. It was supposed to be delivered today, but it didn't turn up. Tried phoning them, but rather worryingly, the phone number doesn't exist! Tried using the 'Chat' service but it said I was 6th in line and the wait would be 50 minutes - at 16.55 when they close at 17.00! If it doesn't come tomorrow then I'll contact the police with regard to Systo being an evident scam company.
Managed to get their 'Chat' service working next day...
Asif S
Hello Barry. How may I help you?
I was supposed to have a printer delivered yesterday, but it didn't turn up. Tried phoning, but got a message saying the number doesn't exist.
Asif S
our phone is perfactly fine.
That's not my primary concern.
Asif S
phone # is 0800 644 0249 Ext: 5 give me your order number
[There actually isn’t an extension 5 – it only goes up to 3!]
Asif S
let em check it. Dear Barry, your order is some sort of late due to easter. you will receive it on coming Monday.
That is not acceptable. I had an email stating it would be yesterday. I won't accept six days late! Please cancel my order and confirm that you will immediately refund my money into my account.
Asif S
Actually we shipped it but due to the mistake of courier company your product damaged,and due to the Easter there is an delay so now we are shipping you a new product if it is acceptable for you.
No, that is not acceptable - and frankly totally unbelievable. Please cancel my order and confirm that you are refunding the money into my account.
Asif S
Ok, kindly be with me I am forwarding your request. Dear Barry, we can send it to you by faster delivery and you will receive it by Friday if it is acceptable for you to wait till friday. otherwise we will cancel the order, its upto you.
For the third time then; please CANCEL my order and confirm that you have refunded the money into my account.

This conversation went on and on. TWICE they ended the chat, thinking I would just go away. Finally I got an email saying that I had been refunded. The only thing is...they haven't refunded the money at all! I checked with my bank who looked it up on the VISA system. 'Asif' continued to insist that my money was going through the banking system, but my bank says it isn't. I'll update this post, but I would advise anyone reading to avoid as they are just unbelievable - literally.

Did finally get my money back.

Not great!

When we first tried to order a product, we couldn't get past the annoying 'you-need-a-password-to-continue' order process. As we couldn't remember it, we asked for a reminder by email - which never came in time, so we went somewhere else and ordered. We tried this company again a few weeks later. We were told that our order could be tracked and that we would get an email. Both these were wrong - it couldn't be tracked and we never got an email. We were at the mercy of the dreaded courier (and they never give a cr*p, do they?). We tried most of the day to find out when our parcel would arrive as we were waiting in for it. After being told obvious untruths from the couriers it turned up at 4.45 in the afternoon. Companies like Buyaparcel have GOT to get a grip on delivering the items! First of all don't use an annoying 'password' system - as it's like having a shop and keeping the doors locked. Secondly, use a courier who cares as much about the parcel as the buyer does. If we're all moving toward buying stuff on the net rather than the High Street then something is going to have to be done about courier services!

UPDATE 14/10/13
Yet again! Gave them a THIRD chance. We tried to order online - the system had remembered our name, but not our password (which, like everyone else we forgot). Tried creating a new account, but it stated that an account already exists with our email address. So had to apply for a new password...which at the time of writing this still hadn't arrived (20 minutes later)! So despite our earlier comments, things haven't changed at buyaparcel then. It's never a good idea to annoy customers, lock them out of their 'account', and then not send them a password when they're waiting. I'm still amazed this company exists. Went somewhere else - again!

28 February 2013

Reply from

Hi Barry, as explained directly there are pros and cons to a guest checkout where a customer cannot access key order information but we are considering various options in the near future. Regarding the carrier, we deal with a number of them and only one provides email/text alerts with time-slot information - we hope the others will follow suit. As it was, the carrier for your product had to be different to what the operative on the phone assumed because of how valuable and delicate your goods were - this has now been reiterated to all people in the company (it was a relatively new product to us). The service was trackable but they don't provide estimated time slots. If you had a requirement for an AM delivery or suchlike we can offer that. I hope you will try us again the future. Regards, Mike at Buyaparcel.


Not entirely happy

We bought an Aquapanel (thinking it was like the expensive Mermaid-type panels elsewhere online - it isn't!). First of all we had no email receipt of our order. Secondly the delivery charge of £25 is excessive (even for a 1 mtr x 2.4 mtr panel), and I'm afraid the edge was chipped when it arrived (although we were fortunately able to cut the edge off). Also, the panel isn't a smooth finish like we'd been led to believe from the webpage, but has lines running all the way across, which was a little disappointing. It's also very thin, like the plastic sheeting used on soffits and guttering bargeboards. We wouldn't use the product again, but that's what comes from buying stuff online - we should have asked for a sample first, but we were tight for time on installing.

20 February 2013

Reply from IPSL

Hi Barry as per our conversation we are sorry that everything did not go well. We sell a wide range of products from several hundred pounds per panel to just £10 per panel. There is a of course a difference in quality and we strongly recommend all customers speak to us before choosing and we will happily advise and/or send free samples.

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