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Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Watch out for hidden charges and price changes

The good bits - The web site is the absolute best one I have seen and lets you try all sorts of permutations of cars, specs and contract terms until you find the one that best suits you.

Rates are pretty competitive for personal contract hire although I have got main dealers to beat most of the business contract hire rates, even against the "Hot offers" for things like 5 series BMW and Mercedes E - Class.

Problem 1 - when placing an order for my wife's Mini Cooper S I enquired about placing her cherished number plates on the car and was told that this would be no problem and that they would arrange it nearer the time. Two months later after the car had been ordered, built and was sitting at the dealer waiting to be delivered I received the paperwork to sign which included within the small print additional finance company administration charges of £84 to add and subsequently remove the plates.

On further digging I was then told that Nationwide will not deal with the cherished plates and that it would be up to me to deal with the finance company after I took delivery of the car!

Despite acceptance of the fact that I had not been given the correct and full information when placing my order, my protests about these hidden charges were repeatedly rejected by various managers and I was effectively told that if I did not like it I could cancel the order!

Problem 2 - Whilst being told that I could cancel the order, I checked the website and found that the price for the same car had gone down - I pointed this out and asked if I could cancel and reorder at the new price - after a flurry of activity I was told that there was an error on the Web site and the day after the price went back up again.

The following day I noticed that they were doing a HOT offer on the Diesel version of the same car which was £70 per month less so I then enquired about this and guess what - the offer had just been withdrawn and I had missed it apparently.

In summary I would say that Nationwide have a slick operation up to a point, but when things do not go plan the customer support is non existent. What other company would admit that they made mistakes but would rather risk a cancelled order, customer loyalty and their reputation rather than waive £84 of charges on a £24,000 new car deal!

An apology would have been nice at some point but they are not programmed to give these to anyone.

I came very close to cancelling the order but by this time I could not stomach the thought of starting the process all over again.

All credit to Callan Aspin, the sales assistant who tried his best to help but no Credit to Mirelle Saxon, the manager who mistakenly copied me in on an internal email and then compounded the situation by giving out even more misleading information and then still told me to take it or leave it.

02 September 2013

Reply from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Dear Mr Harris,

Thank you for your feedback, I am sorry to hear that our communication wasn't clear in relation to the process and costs involved with a cherished number plate transfer. Although we can arrange for private number plate fitment prior to delivery, feedback from our Customers has shown that this can put an unacceptable delay on the onward delivery time, so therefore we now advise our Customers to have them fitted after delivery of the vehicle.

In relation to the costs of fitment, some of our finance company partners do charge a small administration fee and unfortunately we are not in a position to absorb this charge. Your comments have been feedback to our Sales Team in order for them to make it clearer to our Customers for the future.

In relation to the pricing of your vehicle, we do endeavour to keep our prices up to date, when we were made aware of this discrepancy we did correct it. Our pricing team continually research the market to offer the very best deals they can but due to the volume of manufacturers and models available there can occasionally be delays.

Thank you for your feedback and I am sorry that the your experience wasn't a better one.

Yours sincerely

Glenn Nutsey
Sales Director.

The Ltd

Efficient service and good value

Web site was clear, special offer prices were very competitive and Delivery was prompt and efficient.
Not much else to say really as everything was as easy as it should be


Efficient service but watch out for the auto renewal feature

I have been using Multitrip for a few years now, the policies seem to be good value although i have never had to make a claim yet!

One feature i am not happy with is that when you subscribe they set you up for auto renewal without asking or giving you the option! They send you a reminder and if you do nothing they will automatically renew the policy and take the money out of your account.

If you don't want to renew the onus is on you to log on and deselect the auto renewal option when you obviously get the best value by only renewing just before you need the policy to start

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