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Very Worried at first But No Need

Having the requirement to make a payment in Euros to Germany this company was found on Google.

I will not say that I was quite concerend at first as to how easy it all appeared to be, but my worries were unfounded as everything went just fine.

For once it seems something that seems to good to be true actually is.

Fast service,good prices for the service, whats not to like.


Tick Boxing of the Highest Order.

What can I say other than, it seems very strange being asked to review a product that you hope you will never have to use.

Although if this insurance policy is anything like most other insurance dealings you hear about, it could be the best time to tick the boxes, as normally the problems only show up with insurance when you need to claim.

Only then do the weasels and slippery serpents show their true colours, Ovbviously thats not a statement from experience with this company.

To sum up I suppose I caould say that they sold me the policy with no problems at all and were efficient, indeed world class at taking the premium.

They certainly appear to have anxiety over even how they have sold it for sure.

Hopefully this time it will be like all the other years i have purchased travle insuarnce, with no need to see just how good or bad their service really is.

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