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Avoid like the plague, no stars for them at all.

I recorded the call this morning. A chap said I have a booking for you. (I run a b&b)
He said he was a directory and gave me a name and mobile number that was only available in the evening, seemed odd. Then he went on to say I was fully paid up until next February? Did I want to register more key words. I said I know nothing about it? He said it was renewed on the 17th February, That's yesterday I said, I don’t want to renew anything. that's £199 plus vat he said. I said no way did I authorize that. I said I want nothing to do with you please remove information from your records. Are you sure he said, I replied Yes Please.

I'll hand you over to our cancellation department. After a while it sounded like the same person in the same call centre. OK I can cancel your details and remove you from our records. Just need to know the card number we may be holding. What type of card is it? I said, if you have my details you will know? It's a master card he said, If you could give me the number. I through for a moment and it is possible several years ago I did try a trial with this firm!! It was a waste of time and money. Since then the card number has changed. (This is why he rung as he had an out of date card number there that they kept a note of.)
He said he needed to check it was the right account to cancel?
I gave him the number and expiry but not the security number. He said you will receive the cancellation email in a few moments and your details will be removed from our system. (The email never arrived)
I rung my card bank and checked if any money had been taken yesterday, no money had been taken. Told the story to the bank and sure enough 30 mins later an attempt was made to take £239.99 but my bank declined and cancelled my card.
Can people like these really be in business!!!

I can remember a while ago a very angry young man run from this firm and was rude.
I do not want to take on any further advertising I told him. He said you don’t want more trade then. I said, not at the moment thank you. He then said you’re a wan***r then and hung up.
Sadly don’t have a recording of that, I couldn’t believe what he said!

I have sent the tape of todays conversation to Watch Dog and look forward to the investigation on TV.

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