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Hi Guys
Wanted to sell my white 16 GB iPhone 4.
Envirofone emails on 25/03/2014 said "Hi Christine, You have £80.01 from Envirofone waiting for you" and "Hi Christine, You've just sold us your device - price £80.01".
But email on 28/03/2014 said "Hi Christine, Your iPhone 4 has failed testing" and reduced price to £55.93, the reason given that the water damage marker on the charger port had been triggered.
I took my phone to the Apple Store on Regent Street where I was told the condition was excellent. Someone there recommended CeX. Took it to North End Road CeX branch yesterday (Fulham) and received £89 in cash no problem.
Envirofone withhold and manipulate information to get hold of your phone at well below market prices:
1. Envirofone refused to give any guidance on what might constitute damage when I phoned to ask. This is a common scam as with Zoomfish, who said my iPad was chipped and and damaged and reduced the price by £50, when I no longer had it to check OF COURSE. Water damage is indicated IF inside the headphone or charger ports a small spot has changed from WHITE to PINK or RED. But a small amount of colouring can come from moisture in the air and IS NO PROBLEM at all. I think it is a pretext to reduce the price offered.
2. I included two chargers when I sent my iPhone to Envirofone but they did not return them with my iPhone. Eventually I got ONE BACK , when I requested it, THEY SAID AS A GESTURE OF GOOD WILL! Normally keeping other people's property without their permission is called THEFT.
3. Envirofone website promises to return phones right away, if the offer is not accepted. In the event they tell you it will take up to 10 days. Why, when phones to sell are delivered the next day? It couldn't be that they are trying to push you to accept a lousy offer?
In my experience CeX is the place to go. I could alternatively have had a voucher for £120 to spend or upgrade inshore.

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