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Tickets received - But better lucky than good?

I am in Canada. I purchased tickets to Mark Knopfler at Royal Albert Hall in May. I did not do much research into Viagogo but they advertised the best tickets for this show. I bought them (5X face value by the way) and then tried to contact them to advise of our travel plans. It is impossible to speak with (or email) anyone at Viagogo. They have designed their business that way ; the fortress walls are high. I was very concerned about receiving them before our departure from Canada. They say tickets will arrive about a week before the event. That was dodgy for us given our travel pans.
I don't know whether by luck or design, but the tickets arrived today and I thank them for that. It was my choice to pay the big premium so I can't complain about price, but the complete absence of customer-facing (accessible) service is a real flaw in their business model and should be a real concern to shoppers. My motto is NEVER do business with an organization that is not accessible and that does not openly invite prospects (let alone customers) to contact them. They do everything possible to avoid answering the phone. In this age of communications, it is inexcusable. Ironic, they monitor complaints on this site closely and are quick to respond. But if you are a customer trying tho contact them, you are virtually out of luck.
Given the enormous margin they are charging for tickets as a "reseller", they should have people on the phones eager to assist the needs of their customers ( yes this costs money but people are paying good money). But they don't. And this will cost them... at least my future business unless they post a phone number on the homepage of their website and answer calls promptly and courteously, respecting their high-paying customers.

I did get what I paid for, but I should not have been left feeling, as I did, that I have blindly rolled the dice. It is not "what" you do, it is also" how" you do it. Viagogo, do yourself a great service and commit to posting a phone number and dealing personally with your customers because customers complain with their feet. In this case, "how" you provide your service has virtually negated "what" you actually delivered. It looks like maximizing your profits today is your only interest. And regardless, it makes you look bad... and your competition better. Capisce?

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