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Never Shopping with them again!

I placed an order online with New Look. I have never used them online before but had not had any problems in their stores. However when I made the complaint via their facebook service the customer service rep hid behind the fact that she only had to reply electronically and this gave her the room to show no customer service skills and copy and paste script which didn't acknowledged my complaint or resolve it. Furthermore the attitude was rude and perpetuated my belief that New Look don't care about their customers only about the best deal for them. I said I was disappointed with the service and I would not shop with New Look again the reply was "sorry we haven't answered your query". She also lied to me when I asked why they couldn't make a refund to my account, saying they couldn't refund payments once the order had been placed, bearing in mind they had in fact removed an item from my order and made a refund to the giftcard rather than my account, as requested at the payment screen. She also completely ignored the other issues I raised about customer service, and payment options, such as how do you make refunds if you cannot refund to a bank account? and what would you have done if I had not used a giftcard? Usually if you say you will not shop with a company, even if they don't care they will pretend and say something like ' sorry to hear that and sorry they can't do any more'. But New Look, as per the other reviews here, do not care for manners or customer service, they couldn't care less how may customer they lose. I hope they go bankrupt and disappear from our high streets. I think the reviews on this page sum up the attitude of the company. My complaint wasn't even that big a issue. It was simply asking them to refund the item they had removed from my order to the appropriate bank account. This makes me lose trust in the company too, any retailer who cannot make refunds or manage the customer accounts appropriately worry me!

As much as I used to enjoy shopping in store I will never buy from them again. Customer loyalty and value is important to me and as the saying goes there are plenty more fish in the sea. I'd spent over £70 in the transaction with them, and all my future purchases would probably have been in excess of that. New look are not the only retailer that you can get a deal from and their products are not as good as other high street stores, where I'd rather pay the few extra pounds for better quality and service.

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