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Huge dissatisfaction - LIES, LIES, LIES!!!

I bought on 13.2.2013 tikets for Inter-AC Milan match (24.2.2013). After that I received couple of emails and almost immediately I was charged. On 17.2.2013 I wrote an email to find out whats going on, because I didn´t get the message, that the tickets were sent. They wrote me, that is normal, that the tickets are issued close before event, but I found out on the Inter website, that the tickets are in sale since 13.2.2013. Yesterday (19.2.2013) I wrote them again, that I want them to contact the seller and find out, where is the problem. They answered me, that staff is going to contact me via email or telephon. Till now nobody contacted me (after my another already angry mail just another 2 emails about how hard are they working on it) and 2 days before I´m leaving to Milan I don´t have any info at all. In better case I expect them to deliver the tickets to the hotel, which is, as I red here normal - but I was already charged 28 euro for postal service. I can´t understand, what is so hard on contacting the seller and find out, what is going on. I payed lot of money to viagogo, so I expect customer care for it!
Can´t recommend, no customer service at all, just stress if I´m going to get the tickets for event, which is the reason for my travel to Milan.

New progress: based on this review some guy called me from from Iranian!! phone nr. and told me:
- sorry for your issues with viagogo, you will be able to pick up the tickets couple of hours befor the match in Milan, close to the stadium, you could be 100% sure, that you will get your tickets
- the reason why you have to pick up the tickets just before the event is, that tickets are issued close before the event (not true, tickets are in sale since 13.2.2013), no we didn´t know that since now...
- we don´t deliver them to your hotel, we don´t want to take risk, that they are going to get lost somewhere :)))
- yes, you will get refund for payed shipping fee, you don´t need to do nothing, we are going to send it to you - hahaha, really belive that
- you could expect anytime from now till Saturday the email, where you will find info about your ticket collection point
I will continue with my story after returning from Milan, I hope, that I would be able to tell, that after all this, we get our tickets.

Continuation of my story: 4 days before match I got an email, that I have to pick up the tickets personaly in Milan before the match (since 16:00 til 18:30 I guess) in some hotel. We came there at 16:00 and there was already long queue, we have to wait there aprox 45 minutes. I got the tickets I ordered, the tickets were issued on Monday - so one week before the match, enough time to sent them! They didn´t send them intentionaly, to collect 28 euros for delivery fee! After my return home I sent them an email, that I want my money for delivery fee back and I was told, that this money were for delivery support!!!! They don´t communicate with you, they force you to collect your tickets personaly, even there is plenty time to deliver it via mail and then they have courage to tell you, that almost 30 euro is for support of delivery??? Its incredible and viagogo are pure burglars!!
Never ever!!!!

Thursday, March 07, 2013
Reply from Viagogo
Hi Jirka,

As per our terms and conditions we reserve the right to change delivery method to ensure safe delivery of tickets to our buyers. Viagogo is an online market place we do not own or sell tickets ourselves and therefor do not intentionally hold on to tickets. We ensure that sellers send out tickets as soon as they receive it from event organizers. Your case for instance the tickets were released late therefore we had to arrange for you to collect tickets at our pick up point to ensure tickets are not sent to your home address whiles you have already left the address.

A full refund of your delivery fee has been issued back to your method of payment it will take up to five working days to show up in your account.


Today is 21.3.2013 and I must say, that the Viagogo answer above are only LIES again:
- It is not true, that in my case were tickets released late - they were released 7 days (5 work days) before event, which is enough time to deliver them anywhere in the world!!!! And I live in EU member state, where UPS deliver next day - so this is LIE!
- After 10 work days I didn´t received any refund of the delivery fee! So no refund were completed - it is another Viagogo LIE to look better in front of readers of their answer to my review and they count that lot of people don´t want to bother to spend their time to try to get delivery fee from them!

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