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Having spent so many years posting negative reviews and making formal complaints and never hearing back I wanted to finally shed some light to other customers like myself on something positive for a change. I am a landlord and I own many properties in London. Anyone who's a landlord would know the hassle of constant issues arising when letting a property. I have used so many companies in the past where engineers didn't turn up when they promised and did not carry out the work properly or created an even bigger issue then what was there in the first place!!! Maybe they weren't qualified or maybe they thought I was stupid enough to call them back for more work and have more of my money. Pimlico Plumbers are expensive, I agree! But in this world get what you pay for!

So a couple of years ago when I was using a COWBOY company who turned off my gas and claimed there was a gas leak after a gas safety inspection I was really worried when I received the call. The company told me the gas had been shut of and my tenants where in danger and then told me they would send me a quote for the work involved and could not do anything for another 2 days!

Pimlico Plumbers operate 24-7 and have such a quick response time which I could not believe. I called them up and they were so efficient. I was expecting them to say we will get someone out to you tommorow. But no! They told me someone would be there in half an hour! It turned out there was no gas leak. I was so furious at the other company as a paying customer I had hired them to conduct a gas safety check and they simply abused that trust. Pimlico turned the gas back on and I had happy tenants. Oh and I forgot to mention after 2 days I received a phone call quoting me for a new boiler for £3000..I'll leave it your imagination of what I said down the phone!

Since then I have used them for all my properties and them appreciating that I have used them so much I now have a loyalty discount card. Honest, reliable and informative engineers...even when you are not physically there they call you every step of the way they call and inform you.

My advice...leave the cheap shoddy cowboy tradesmen and go with Pimlico Plumbers as I would be surprised if they ever let you down!!

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