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I bought tickets to the Ed Sheeran concert in Perth as a Christmas present for my 2 daughters. They were so excited on Christmas Day they stuck the print out from the company on their walls. As the event drew closer I started to panic. The thought of telling my daughters that the tickets did not turn up filled me with a sickening dread. I started to email every day when there was less than a week to the concert and received the usual auto generated response that everyone receives from Viagogo....... Tickets may issue just before the event etc etc even though II have seen images of tickets on eBay. Today the nightmare came true. I received the email that the seller had not produced the tickets, they could try to get me more but it's unlikely 2 days before, do I want a refund. I must let them know by the end of today. I would strongly recommend that all reviewers look back over passed responses by this company. You will find one in which the company states that the tickets become the property of Viagogo once the seller lists them with them..mmmm obviously not the case in this instance. So I urge you all to avoid this company. It is not worth the stress and anxiety that they place their buyers under. Lets face it. The closer to the concert that you receive them, the less likely that you can on sell them. Now I sit and wait for my girls to come home from school and break their hearts.......

In response to the Viagogo reply below. You are not giving me a full refund. You are returning my money to me for a $190AUD product that I paid $550.00AUD for nearly 2 months ago after selling me something that you did not legally own. A refund happens when I get the product and I am dissatisfied with it, return it and then get my money back. I think you suffer the same confusion about the definition of a guarantee Giving people back their own money when you cannot produce what they paid for is not a guarantee. It's simply giving them back THEIR money. Your response is flawed. Please refer to the poor lady who sold you her Australian Open ticket for resale and then changed her mind. When she got to the match, someone was sitting in her seat. Your excuse to her was that you bought the ticket from het and from that time it became the property of Viagogo. Why weren't these tickets your property? You can't make up your excuses as you go along. There comes a point where you have to be accountable .

21 February 2013

Reply from Viagogo

Hi Fran,

viagogo is a marketplace and does not own or sell tickets itself. The tickets for sale on viagogo are being offered by sellers on our marketplace.

We rely on individual sellers to provide the tickets that they are selling. We make every effort to ensure that buyers receive their tickets in time for the event. However, in exceptional circumstances the seller may be unable to provide the tickets sold.Unfortunately the seller of your transaction could not fulfill.

As per your request a full refund is being processed back to you method of payment you will receive an confirming refund it normally take 3 to 5 working days for the money to show up on you account.

we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The viagogo team!

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