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Betta Living

The worst customer service I have ever received

When you have just purchased your new home, you are generally on a budget but still want the best service possible. We were recommended to Betta Living so we assumed it would all go well. The guy came round to our house, spent 3 hours with us and we had our bedroom fitted perfectly with no flaws. Perfect.

So we then wanted our kitchen costing and pricing - however we were not wanting this for about 6 months. Be warned, if you are not wanting your new furniture straight away - they don't care about you, all they want is your money. We decided to come up with an idea of cupboards etc but after 1 month decided to change our plans. We asked for a re-quote back in September. We kept ringing and people promised to phone us back - this never happened.

October, November, December passed. We were annoyed, very annoyed. We rang in January and was firm with them (well, when they answered the phone - customer service just rings and rings sometimes and they don't answer!). So, we spoke to someone higher up and we were told we would get our refund in January. The day came and we still didn't receive our refund. February came and still didn't receive our refund - even though it was promised to go in on 20th February 2013.

I rang again, someone answered and asked if they could call me back. Joking? No. Call me back? They have said they have done that lots of times and still failed to do that. Why answer the phone if you can't help me?

I am still tackling this case. Please, I am an honest genuine customer. I run my own business and I am lenient and understand there isn't just me they have to deal with but this is getting ridiculous.

Wish me luck everyone.

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21 February 2013

Reply from Betta living

Sorry to hear you have experienced problems with your installation. I am very concerned about the content of your review and I would like to investigate what has happened. To enable me to assist you in rectifying any outstanding issues please can you forward your contact details to me direct at :
Thank you, Trish Thompson on behalf of Betta Living

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